What we do

When you think of a law firm, you see a lot of suits, a slow career path to partner, and a plethora of regulations.

Welcome to Ligo, where the founder arrives on her scooter every morning, everybody wears jeans and chaos is the new norm. We are a fast-growing legal tech scale-up that combines the self-service principle and law. Ligo is changing the conservative legal market. With our technology, we ensure that every entrepreneur has access to affordable legal services for a fixed price per month. It’s an 'all you can eat' membership to arrange everything they need for their company.

Wake Up. Rock the Legal World. Repeat.

Walls, but no doors we all wake-up with ideas that we share on a daily basis. We don’t have, nor like, office politics. We discuss, we debate and we are honest with each other. Nothing happens behind closed doors.

Ownership is not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone working at Ligo. We can quickly implement our ideas and insights. If we think of something today, it can be live tomorrow. That is the Speed and Flexibility of the Ligo team!

Every day better, we are passionate and driven to improve our product every day and to develop our own skills on a daily basis. We love to learn, to experiment and do new things. We change a whole industry and change is the end result of all true learnings.

The perks

  • Compensation package is changing as we are growing
  • Office in the city center of Amsterdam (next to Heineken Experience)
  • Vibrant work environment
  • Best freshly brewed coffee
  • Unlimited beers and gin tonic
  • Epic garden / bbq space / borrel area at our office!
  • Lunch at the office

Award winning platform

  • Winner Dutch Legal Challenge
  • Startup of the month YoungStartup
  • Nominee semi final Legal Tech Startup Awards
  • Nominee semi final TheNextWeb
  • Nominee semi final TheNextWomen
  • 39th on Forbes list of 100 Women Founders to follow in Europe

Founder Ligo

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"As a former lawyer I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to help SME businesses with getting access to high quality legal services and I knew that technology was the key to change the legal industry. It started with a tool for creating customized legal documents, but soon Ligo developed into the legal partner for businesses. 

I am extremely proud of the Ligo product and our team who just makes things happen. People who work with passion and full dedication inspire me. Within the Ligo team we inspire each other and while we are rocking the legal world, we just have a lot of fun.“

- Wendy

Check out our team page here. We are hiring! Join our team and help us disrupt the legal market.

Ligo HQ: the Bush

Stadhouderskade 60
1072 AC, Amsterdam


Stadhouderskade 60
1072 AC, Amsterdam